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Welcome To Marwar Spices

There are few things that permeate Indian life so completely as spices. The aroma, colour, taste and texture of the astonishing varieties of spices in India nourish a rich variety of cuisines and cultures. Earlier, spices were chosen, measured, pounded and mixed, all in the kitchen. It took hours to prepare these spice recipes passed down by generations.

Ground & Blended Spices

Royal Garam Masala
Masalas form an integral part of everyday cooking and we at Marwar understand this. Therefore we take great care in making them. We follow the authentic process of making Masalas. There is only one way to make authentic Masalas... The way it's done at Marwar !!!


Channa Masala
Perfect taste of fresh spices. n Indian meal is not complete without Marwar Spices. For years masalas have been added to flavor the food.
The aroma of the masala makes the Indian food hot, spicy and tempting.