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We have been using your spice for somewhere around 3 years. And couldn’t find your spice like yours anywhere! I searched the internet, wrote you a letter and was desperate to find you. We also get it sent as gifts as all our friends know we love it so much. I am so excited to see you online!!!
Date of Posting :  2013-01-17 23:23:23 Posted by :  VipulJain Country :  India
I am so happy with all the products that I have obtained from Marwar Spices. My last order was short the Red Chilly powder. But I have been very happy with the length of time to get the spices to me. Thank you for saving me money also and the spices are superior.
Date of Posting :  2013-01-18 00:52:49 Posted by :  VinitaMalviya Country :  india
Keep up the great work – it truly is the Perfect Marwar Spices! We use it in vegetables , roasted potatoes, and just about anything else we make! Nothing else comes close! Fantastic!!!
Date of Posting :  2013-01-17 23:49:38 Posted by :  NareshChangaani Country :  India
I started using your red chilly powder 3 years back and after that started with everything else found a great change in the way my dishes have changed quality wise natural original colours pure aroma which can will help us keeping our health intact and we can stick to spicy food at any age of our life Thanks for introducing something pure in our life
Date of Posting :  2013-10-23 08:37:47 Posted by :  AnikaVyas Country :  India
Your pizza seasoning is really good. Its provides unique taste, that many top restaurants carve for. I have been out of India and found the taste similar that you provide in spice jar.
Date of Posting :  2015-05-09 04:36:21 Posted by :  Mughda Country :  India
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